To promote the development of young people, through participation in sports. Creating access and opportunity for financially disadvantaged youth to receive the social and academic benefits that come along with the physical benefits of playing sports.

Our nation needs us to come together in unity now more than ever. The persistent and systemic inequality, injustice, and racism are tearing our nation apart. The Landen Lucas Foundation and Sports For Life board members are deeply committed to ending the racism and social injustice that impacts us now. Without immediate change through our actions, our voting power, and our voices, we cannot create the future we hope for, where we can all live as equals. Our children deserve better, and it is our obligation to do better. There MUST be dignity and justice for all. We must act now and raise our voices and stand up against all injustices that black communities have endured for far too long. This change is going to take ALL of us. We want you to know that we stand with you and we believe that together we can make a difference!



We are continuing to seek corporate, community organization and individual partners to assist the Landen Lucas Foundation – Sports For Life organization in helping as many young people as possible to expand their social and academic experiences by learning teamwork and leadership skills for success in academics and in life.


We want to use the power of sport to inspire youth and give them a sense of purpose and a chance to learn the life lessons that come from individual skill-building and team work. We are creating the access and opportunity to participate in sports, so that our youth can gain the social and academic benefits that come alongside the physical benefit of playing sports. This gives them an outlet, a goal, a mental recharge, a reason to behave well and a better chance to succeed in school and in life!