Landen Lucas – professional basketball player and the 2012-2017 Sports Illustrated ‘Glue Guy’ of the KU Jayhawks men’s basketball team; along with his mother Shelley Lucas -educator, realtor, and leadership development professional, have started the Landen Lucas Foundation.

Growing up, Landen didn’t have the financial stability and privileges of many of his peers. Landen loved sports, but often it was difficult to afford the sports team fees and equipment. In fact, there are many sports and other extra-curricular activities that Landen would not have been able to participate in without the gift of used sports equipment from friends and the blessing of financial assistance from grandparents and other extended family. Without that support system, Landen would not have had all the opportunities that he was ultimately blessed with.

Now, Landen knows the great value in the life lessons learned through sports and he wants to be sure that all students have the opportunity to participate and compete. And as an educator, Shelley has seen the negative impact on students who want to play sports but can’t afford the fees or equipment. The social and academic benefits of playing sports are evident in the youth who receive Sports For Life scholarships.

Your donation will directly contribute to the sports fees, equipment, shoes, and valuable life lessons for many school students who can not afford to participate in sports without your help!

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