You can be a part of giving Access and Opportunity!
You can Make a Difference!

Nike reminds us that if you have a body, you are an athlete.

We don’t want any young person to miss out on that message because of their socio-economic status. Therefore, the Landen Lucas Foundation is giving Sports For Life scholarships to financially underprivileged youth to help pay for sports fees, shoes, and equipment.

We want to use the power of sport to inspire youth and give them a sense of purpose and a chance to learn the life lessons that come from individual skill-building and team work. We are creating the access and opportunity to participate in sports, so that our youth can gain the social and academic benefits that come alongside the physical benefit of playing sports. This gives them an outlet, a goal, a mental recharge, a reason to behave well and a better chance to succeed in school and in life!

Sports go far beyond the physical benefits in a young person’s life. In fact studies have shown that being involved in sports improves academics, focus, mental health, and decision making through an increased cognitive ability that comes from exercise. Playing sports teaches the valuable life lessons of teamwork and leadership. We know there is a direct correlation between playing sports and academic achievement. A University of Kansas study looking at the performance of students in grades 9-12 showed that more than 97% of student athletes graduated high school, 10% higher than those students who had never participated in sports. Student athletes were also shown to have a better overall G.P.A. than those not participating in sports.

There is an increased cognitive ability that comes from playing sports. We know that physical activity naturally increases blood flow to the brain, stimulating endorphins, which positively impact energy level, mood, academic performance, problem-solving skills, and behavior. This positive impact on behavior directly impacts self-esteem and purpose. An increased sense of self creates better social interactions, stronger relationships, and higher academic performance.

Playing sports also gives young people a sense of community that they may not have otherwise. Playing sports encourages goal-setting, teamwork, and critical leadership skills such as communication, collaboration, time management, and decision-making. The chance to play sports can change a life or even save a life.