In 2020 our goal is to help more kids succeed in life through sports than we’ve ever done. With Sports For Life Scholarships, Playground Rejuvenation, and Mentorship Programs, The Landen Lucas Foundation is aiming high. Your Donations provide access and opportunity to disadvantaged youth. Every gift allows a student to experience the academic and social benefits of playing sports by providing, shoes, equipment, or fees for a Sports For Life Scholarship. Thank you for giving!


Many disadvantaged youth feel embarrassed to play sports because they do not have the proper shoes or equipment. Your gift of $50 will help provide athletic shoes!

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Sports fees are the main reason disadvantaged youth don’t have the access to play sports and therefore miss out on the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and benefit physically, socially, and academically. Your gift of $250 will provide one scholarship!

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Many disadvantaged youth feel out of place even when they have the opportunity to play sports because they do not have the proper equipment. Your gift of $100 will help provide sports equipment!

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Our Sports For Life Scholarships have given some students the opportunity to pursue dreams they have of developing their skills in a specific sport and focusing on earning a full or partial scholarship to college! When our scholarship recipients commit to doing well in school and developing individual and teamwork skills in a sport, we honor and support them with an Annual Sports For Life Scholarship. This allows the student to gain year round athletic training and mentorship as long as they are meeting high grade and behavior goals while working toward a high school diploma and college acceptance.

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“One of the best things I learned this year was that being the best teammate you can be will take you farther than just trying to be selfish.”

Scholarship Recipient

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